We are an Internet-based company focused on entertainment ventures. is our flagship web property,  yet in 2012 Jenkat planned to launch another community website that is currently in stealth-mode., our consumer-facing web destination, is a place for us to play games and meet new friends. Hop aboard and take a tour of the many unique features that we feel differentiate us from the typical casual gaming site on the Internet. At JenkatGames, we are committed to providing you an experience that is safe for the entire family, and most importantly, one that showcases the personality of its audience. We are just getting started, so please be patient as we roll-out brand new features and cutting-edge games to the site. We are here to serve you, and are always open to suggestions for improving the experience on the site. We really are a very loyal bunch – and hope to extend that loyalty to an audience that is poised to remain equally loyal.


Jenkat Media seeks to continue to disrupt the traditional casual games value exchange by giving consumers full version, free games while providing game developers with revenue streams that are typically two to three times higher than the traditional try-and-buy casual games model that is currently the industry standard. This free model for premium games (“Premium Free”) is expected to significantly set Jenkat’s offering apart from competitors in the industry by keeping the process completely free to consumers at all times.  Jenkat management strongly believes that having game developers rely on converting only 1% of free users to paid, is not a sustainable, long-term business model.  Instead, Jenkat’s model involves offering the consumer optional, complementary software during the installation of the full version of the free game.  Millions of consumers have already adopted this process online, which provides a strong testament to the success of Jenkat’s model.

The website has grown from 27,000 unique users to over 1,900,000 unique users per month in the United States in the last two year.  In addition, Jenkat has produced 20 games for industry leaders such as AOL & Microsoft. With over 20 years of collective experience in creating successful consumer websites, the Jenkat management team has engaged hundreds of millions of users over the last decade with casual games, social media, and other viral web content.

To capitalize on the new Premium Free model, Jenkat recently shifted its strategy from focusing on casual game development to focusing on casual game distribution.  Jenkat’s vision was to offer a greater variety of games to consumers, by offering both Jenkat-developed games and 200+ third party game titles, all accessible via the consumer’s desktop.  This was consummated by the company launching a brand new software product called the Jenkat Games Arcade.  Revenue per install from the Arcade Game Client has exceeded expectations and continues to grow at an accelerated pace.

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