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Contract with the Devil  

Download Contract with the Devil
  • 58 locations & 46 minigames
  • 17 HOG scenes & 16 CGI cutscenes
  • 12 charismatic animated characters
Certified Safe - NO Spyware, NO Adware - GUARANTEED! File size: 1125 MB

System Requirements

  • Windows XP
  • CPU: 1000MHz
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Memory: 1000 MB

Need to know where and how to download this Hidden Object game? Enjoy the unlimited full version of Contract with the Devil. You receive a letter from an unknown sender inviting you to his house with the promise of telling you something very important about your daughter. While dining with the sinister owner of the mansion, a terrible thing occurs. You lift a blanket from an antique mirror and it sets off a reaction that draws your daughter, Lisa into the mysterious world within the mirror. Suddenly, you notice that the owner of the mansion has disappeared as well. Now you must save yourself and your daughter, assisted only by a creature named Brownie. Exciting tasks, unique riddles, tons of logic puzzles, as well as a multitude of items and artifacts await you. Journey through the looking glass, discover family secrets and challenge the power of a great evil! But beware, the closer you get to solving the mystery, the threats you face will become even more daunting!

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