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Corner Pocket


Find the gritty intensity of the local pool hall charming, do you? Then Corner Pocket is your type of game! Enjoy a relaxing game of 9-ball in a virtual world where the only one doing the hustling is YOU.

Beat the clock, and be careful not to scratch... lose three cue balls, and it's game over. Play now, and become the pool shark you always imagined you could be!

Clear the table of all the balls before you run out of time. If you clear the table, the balls will be re-racked and you can continue until the time runs out.

Move the mouse to rotate the pool stick. Hold down the left mouse button to adjust the power of your shot.

You can earn points by pocketing a ball. You will earn even more points if you pocket a ball on each successive shot. Each time you clear a table, you will be awarded 100 extra points per ball pocket.