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Do you live for the thrill of clicking away at your mouse to ignore the daily frustration in your own discombobulated mind? Organize the chaos with Discombobulated - a midway-themed, strategy puzzle game that will give you a heck of a ride!

Click on colorful groups of bulbs to make them disappear - clear the entire board before the next row of bulbs enters the screen, and win a big bonus. Step right up, and play now!

Click on groups of 3 or more bulbs of the same color to clear them from the board. The more bulbs you clear at once, the more points you will earn. Click on bombs to burst more bulbs. If you clear the board of all bulbs, you will earn a huge point bonus!

New bulbs will always be moving onto the game board from the bottom of the screen, but you do get a preview of the next line of bulbs to enter the board. The "Lines" display indicates how many lines of bulbs will enter the board before the level ends. If you let the bulbs reach the top of the board, it's game over!