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Goldie the Gold Miner


Check out this ONLINE game that is the SEQUEL to Finders Keepers. If you're pulling up an item and you don't like - Click on it to blow it up. Have fun!

Your claw will swing back and forth on its own. Drop the claw when it is lined up with an object. Keyboard controls: Left and Right arrow keys move the cart back and forth. Down arrow key drops the claw, and the Up arrow key throws bombs. Mouse controls: Click above the ground where you want the cart to move to. Click below the ground level to drop your claw. Click once after you grab an item to blow it up. The object of the game is to catch treasure items with your claw and pull them up. You must beat the level goal before time runs out. Any points you earn above the level goal carry over to help you reach the next level's goal. Heavy objects take longer to pull up than light objects. Some items may even be too heavy to lift. To get rid of objects you don't want, grab them with the claw and click again to throw a bomb and blow them up. Your bombs are limited, so use them wisely.