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Love Letters


Are you a romantic sweetie pie with a confessed passion for word games? Well, take heart! Love Letters is certain to thrill your ticker!

In order to master this charming and sweetly unique word game, you must spell the correct combination of romance-related words from the word list of love, using an assortment of colorful candy letters presented in the valentine shaped box.

The box only holds a certain amount of letters that will only spell specific words on the list, and the list becomes longer and more challenging as you progress. Our heart-to-heart advice? Be selective with the words you spell!

Put on some mood music, chill the champagne and dim the lights... and settle in for a great date with Love Letters!

Click on the letters in the candy heart box to make words from your word list. You will have words added to your word list at the beginning of each level.

Place candies of the same color in a row to earn color-combo points. Use chocolate truffles to earn a score multiplier for that word.

In later levels you will get white hearts. Use white hearts to connect one color combo to another color.

If you can't find the letters for your last word, you may have to reset one of your words and try again.