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The Santa Express


As the song goes, Santa Claus knows when you've been bad or good - so be good, for goodness sake!

The jolly old elf has completed mapping out his Christmas Eve route - but needs your help to check his list twice, and make sure that The Santa Express delivers presents to the nice girls and boys, and bags of coal to the naughty ones. Your time is limited, so Santa has souped up his sleigh with a turbo booster which will help him travel faster, and help you to complete your delivery goal before time runs out. They don't call it The Santa Express for nothing!

Click below the clouds, or hit "spacebar", to drop presents to the good children. The closer the present is to the child when it lands, the more points you will earn.

Give coal to the naughty little children. The size of the object you drop and the strength of the wind effects how it will fall. Santa drops one item per screen then goes to the next area to the right.

Click behind Santa to go in reverse. Click in the same direction that Santa is going to go turbo and save some time. Deliver all your presents before time runs out. You can also use the arrow keys.

Give Jack Frost a present to earn extra time but it won't count as delivering a present.