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Scrambled Eggs


Do you enjoy taking a crack at games like Solitaire and Uno? Scrambled Eggs is an "eggs-istential" mix of these two classic games, with a unique bonus element added in to spice things up with a little extra challenge - sort of like Tabasco�ister; sauce.

Match eggs by color, numeric sequence, or both for eggs-tra bonus points! Play now for some down home, farm fresh fun!

Drag the eggs up and drop them on an egg they match with. You can match by color or number (one number up or one number down).

The highest number can also match with a "1" and vice versa. If you get a double match (number and color) you will get a multiplier bonus.

For every match you will get an animal icon on the spinners. When you get four, you will get points for having matching icons in a row.

If you get stuck pull the lever to get new eggs. Each pull will cost you one coin. When your coins are gone it's game over.