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A wonderful 2D puzzle-platformer game set in a far away colony.

Publisher Plug In Digital
55.4 MB

Game Description

Eden is a human colony far from Earth. To develop a better society, settlers made an artificial intelligence, BOOR, to help them, but this machine turned against them.

When a little girl accidentally lands on the planet of Eden, she discovers BOOR has taken over and there are only a few survivors left. With her special ability to multiply herself, she'll help them destroy BOOR and reclaim the world.

-  Explore and discover a beautiful but strange world, with visually-rich hand-drawn levels.
-  Challenging platforming and puzzles that will test your skills.
-  An engaging power; the girl can multiply herself to solve puzzles.
-  More than 80 challenging levels filled with collectibles and secrets to uncover.
-  Uncover the mystery of Eden through a detailed and exciting storyline.
-  Relaxing music produced by Paltian accompanies the excellent gameplay.

Download size: 55.4 MB

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